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"Jesus came not to be served, but to serve." Here at Budounoki, it is our mission to actively serve our local community. We do this through internal ministries such as our English Ministry and Music Ministry (for individuals who desire to learn English or guitar at a low cost). Every summer, our English and Music ministries join forces to help host a VBS (Vacation Bible Special). Visit our Regular Ministries page for more details.

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In addition to our Regular Ministries, we also enjoy offering our community unique opportunities and experiences.  These include hosting the Celebration Ministry of Arts tour to Japan (2005), etiquette classes, Korean language classes, American folk dancing classes, and hosting a Dance Masterclass Series (2018). Visit our Special Ministries page for more details. 

We are a church committed to missions. We planted this church and ministry, because we have a heart for the Japanese people. While we primarily exist to further the Gospel in Japan and help people learn of God's love for them, we also like to celebrate, encourage, and support the work God is doing around the world. Visit our Missions page for more details.

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